'Calories For Weight Loss ' Calculator

Calculate your weight loss calories and macronutrient recommendations down below.

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Important notes (READ FIRST):


– I highly recommend first spending at least a month eating at your maintenance calories.

– This ‘calories for weight loss calculator’ will only give you your starting calories and macrosAfterwards it’s all about getting away with as much food as possible, for as long as possible.

– Your starting calories and macros are based on a 20% reduction of your TDEE. Future adjustments of 5 – 8% percent can be made when needed, but please don’t rush this process. Give yourself at least 2 weeks.

– If you’re unsure about daily activity, aim lower rather than higher.

– Macronutrient composition is based on an optimal protein intake of 1g/lbs based on goal weight, minimal fat intake of 0.3g/lbs to cover hormone production, while filling out remaining calories with carbohydrate to fuel performance and recovery.

– If you are inexperienced, please DM me here so I can help you if you’d like that.

Lifestyle activity factor:
Sedentary (desk job)
Light activity (some standing and walking)
Moderate activity (most day on your feet)
High activity (you’re on your feet all day)
Extreme activity (you work a heavy labor job) 

Lifestyle activity factor:
Sedentary (You don’t exercise)
Light exercise (some light activity a few days per week)
Moderate exercise (you train multiple times a week)
Intense exercise (you train hard at least 5 days per week)
Extreme exercise (over 2 hours of intense training per day, almost every day)

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