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Ep. 9 – Instagram Q&A: Home Workouts, Fat Percentages, and Carb Cycling

Another Q&A! In this week’s episode Kristine and Johan talk about fat percentage goals, carb cycling, home workouts, and more. If you’d like to have any of YOUR questions answered in the next Q&A episode, feel free to drop a question here (scroll down for question box).


00:00 Introduction / Being consistent AF

05:25 Q: “Tips to staying full between meals? Eat a big bfast, but very hungry between lunch and dinner.”

08:01 Q: “What’s a Realistic fat percentage goal and how long will it take.”

17:20 Q: “Do you feel like carb cycling is more beneficial to eating the same amount of macros each day?”

21:41 Q: “What’s a proper home workout schedule?”

24:35 That scary first step into the gym

28:36 Recap / Outro

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