Talking Nutrition Podcast

Ep. 8 – The Secret Weapon to your Fitness Goals: NEAT

Probably our favorite topic to talk about: NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity)! Walking/moving more is probably the number one thing you can do to improve your health, which is why we’re both big on steps with our clients. Today we chat about how you burn calories, the many benefits of increasing your daily step count, walking to lose more fat, easy ways to get your steps up, and more.

00:00 Introduction

01:51 Johan’s 10k steps for fat loss

05:07 Kristine’s 30k steps in the mountains

07:00 How you burn calories

09:28 Benefits of walking more

12:29 ‘Association of Daily Step Count and Step Intensity With Mortality Among US Adults’

13:51 Super cool graph! – PMID: 32207799

15:12 Is walking considered exercise?

17:26 Walking for fat loss

22:23 Easy ways to get your steps up

33:07 Recap / outro

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