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Our Truly Individualized Coaching Experience Will Help You Achieve REAL Results That Actually Last.

(Effectively Lose Fat And Build Muscle, Even If You Feel Like You’ve Tried It All Without Getting The Results You Were Hoping For)

Did you know that most people who try different diets or meal plans DO manage to lose weight (often quite a lot), but never manage to keep the weight off? Many even regain more weight than they initially lost.

Here’s the problem: the “just eat less and move more” approach keeps failing so many of us, that you can’t even picture yourself having the body, confidence, and happiness that you desire.

The good news for you is that there is a solution that will help you achieve just that.

Let me introduce you to my tried and true online nutrition coaching program that will change your health and fitness journey forever.

how it works

  • In-depth assessment of your goals, preferences, habits, and lifestyle that considers every aspect of your life so you get a truly individualized experience, which means no more trying ‘everything’ but instead doing what’s right for YOU.
  • Long term, repeatable strategy so you can both create and maintain your results, meaning that afterwards you’ll be able to continue to create success for life.
  • Structured nutrition plan including your macros, what to eat, how often, how much, sample meals, supplementation (no fat-burner pills or meal replacement BS!), and more.
  • Flexible dieting approach so you get to eat healthy AND include your favorite ‘fun’ foods in every scenario, meaning no more restrictive plans or stress around food during the evenings out with friends, family gatherings, vacations, or holidays.
  • Education on every step we take together so you’ll fundamentally understand how nutrition works and how it affects your body, which means that you won’t have to fall for misleading information anymore. You’ll know what’s BS and what’s not.
  • Weekly follow up so you can share what’s going well, what you need help with, and keep track of your progress, meaning you’ll know exactly what to focus on week-to-week.
  • Accountability (the foundation of coaching) so you’re being held responsible for taking action for your goals, which means that even during hard times you’ll be able to show up for your goals and continue to learn from the process.
  • FULL access to me, your coach so you always have someone on your team, meaning you can share struggles, ask any questions, and get the support, motivation and guidance you need.

Why work with me?


Because I guarantee you that I’ll go above and beyond to help you.

I have two goals: A) I want to help you reach your goals and B) I want you to learn from this whole process to make sure that you won’t need another program after we’re done working together.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Let’s see what my clients have to say.

Client Testimonial Vesters Nutrition Check-in
↑ Feedback from a recent check-in

"I always struggled with diet and losing weight. I got in touch with Johan and from the first second I felt like I was in good hands with him! I'm learning a lot about nutrition and having fun with the whole thing. Johan takes the time for you and even if you don't understand something he is there for you and explains it in more detail. I'm so happy to have Vesters Nutrition by my side and would always recommend them when looking to change their diet!" - Benjamin H.


"Johan is the perfect coach for me. He made nutrition practicable on daily basis and supported me whenever I needed it. Working together with him makes a lot of fun and the results are great as well! Thank you so much for changing my whole mindset on nutrition. 🙏🏻" - Anja D.


"Very knowledgeable coach who gives you the methods and tools you need to lose weight and also stay there 🙂 No bs with shakes or anything you shouldn't eat. Only focusing on amounts, nutritional composition and getting some exercise. Wonderful that weight reduction doesn't have to be more complicated than that :)" - Mikal S.

weight loss before afters

From 117kg down to 87kg while learning how to keep the weight off, how to be flexible, and improving his relationship with both food, fitness and the scale. - Chris S.

REAL Results That Last

❌ Yo-yo dieting.
❌ Restrictive diets or meal plans.
❌ Wallet-burning supplements.
❌ Stress/anxiety around food.
❌ Hiding underneath baggy clothes

✅ Lose body fat and keep it off.
✅ Gain muscle and feel confident in your own body.
✅ Improve your health and energy levels.
✅ Remove stress and create food freedom.
✅ Become a role model for those around you.



Honestly, I can not guarantee results because I can’t eat the food for you, go to the gym for you, or change your habits myself… However, what I will guarantee is that this will be your best shot at breaking that ‘try-fail-repeat’ yo-yo-cycle and that I’ll go above and beyond to give you the best, most individualized experience I can provide you.

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