TDEE & Macro Calculator

Calculate your maintenance calories and macronutrient recommendations down below.

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Important notes (READ FIRST):


– Please make sure to read this short article about TDEE before using the calculator.

– If you’re unsure about daily activity, aim lower rather than higher.

– The ‘VN Recommended’ option under macronutrient composition is based on an optimal protein intake of 1g/lbs, minimal fat intake of 0.3g/lbs to cover hormone production, while filling out remaining calories with carbohydrate to fuel performance and recovery.

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Lifestyle activity factor:
Sedentary (desk job)
Light activity (some standing and walking)
Moderate activity (most day on your feet)
High activity (you’re on your feet all day)
Extreme activity (you work a heavy labor job) 

Lifestyle activity factor:
Sedentary (You don’t exercise)
Light exercise (some light activity a few days per week)
Moderate exercise (you train multiple times a week)
Intense exercise (you train hard at least 5 days per week)
Extreme exercise (over 2 hours of intense training per day, almost every day)

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