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Before Johan & I started coaching, mentally I was at my lowest point in life. For a long time I struggled with sleep, depression, burnout, little activity and weight gain. I decided that something had to be done, and that the only one who could make it happen was myself. My goals: Gain knowledge and control over food intake, focus on losing body fat and building muscle. I simply wanted to feel good in my own body again! What I have achieved: I'm mentally stronger. I have a balance between a healthy lifestyle and enjoying myself, without sacrificing too much. I have a healthier relationship with food and exercise, without a guilty conscience. I have more energy, profit and a lot of motivation. I have much better self-confidence! Both in social settings and at the gym. I have gone down in both cm and kg. What I have learned: Lasting change takes time, have patience and believe in the process. It is worth it! AND last but not least: daylight, fresh air and walks have become non negotiables!"


"I had the chance to work twice with Johan and will surely do it again. I encourage most people that struggle with their nutrition, but are bored with the cacophony of opinion (not always supported by facts) across a whole spectrum of “sexy” ideas about what to eat and above all about what not to eat, to give Vesters Nutrition’s coaching a try. I was already paying great attention to my food before working with Johan, given that I have a LOT of food intolerances but have to keep my nutrition on point to try to get better at the sport of Crossfit. My goal was to put on muscle mass to tackle my biggest weakness: strength. However, I now understand that I wanted to get stronger while paradoxically fearing to gain weight. That turned into a weird relationship with food, eating “too clean” to meet my goals. Throughout the process of working with Johan, I became a true student of my own nutrition and a thinking eater. By this, I mean Johan does not provide a one-size-fits-all or ready-to-thoughtlessly-apply plan. He is a guide of your nutrition, not a guru. I get stronger physically, slowly and steadily, for long term strength gains while enjoying what I eat. That’s the big thing: Johan respected my food intolerances and preferences. We tried things that worked (liked increasing my carbs intake) or not (such as increasing my fat intake to ease my bulking phase). But even what did not work is part of the process: I learned so much by experiencing on myself. I am now able to build a plate and to assess what would be missing in my daily and weekly nutrition without even tracking. I would hence say that this process has made me less emotionally stressed about my food but confident in my abilities to manage my own nutrition. The cherry on the cake is that Johan also touched on factors that are, in my case, even more critical to meet my goals: sleep and stress. I consider I am now in a more peaceful relationship with my food because I acquired more knowledge about nutrition by working with Johan. I’m very happy that we ultimately come to the conclusion that, in my case, being focused on weight or tracking too religiously are not what matter the most. I understood that I should instead focus more on my overall wellbeing and on getting good training sessions in, as well as on just getting familiar and okay with no tracking."


I had the pleasure of working with Johan after the second lockdown here in The Netherlands, and feeling fed up with my state of mind, my health and my overall physical appearance. After an initial food tracking period & intake call, which was analyzed very thoroughly, I was excited to participate in his nutrition program. From the start, you get to learn so much about food intake, activity, sleep quality, fats and protein, and I applied this knowledge to accommodate my lifestyle, without anything judgemental or pushy coming from the coach’s side. The whole food suggestions & schematics are very diverse, and showed me that I can be flexible with my weekends in regards to drinks, food & dieting in general. I was definitely skeptical at first (as I’ve tried different types of dieting strategies), but following the whole process really showed me that consistency is key, and that making small tweaks & creating new patterns in my everyday life changes everything. I have a whole new routine in terms of nutrition, workouts & overall movement, and I can safely say that my overall well-being has significantly improved. The great thing about the whole experience is: now I have the knowledge to stay fit, healthy and don’t have to worry about gaining or losing a pound. I now have the toolset to maintain my current weight, lose or gain while being in control. And that’s one of the coolest things ever. Thanks so much man."


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“I’m super happy with my choice of coach. Johan’s always ready to give you that extra push and always checks up on you to see how you’re doing. You never doubt if he’s on your side! The changes so far have been massive and I can’t what to see what happens next!”


“Learning from Johan is the best. He educates you in nutrition, overall well-being and how to benefit from your workouts. He’s using a system that makes everything straight forward and makes the learning process both fun and rewarding! Recommended!”


“Now that I’ve worked with Johan for two months I feel like I have better knowledge of eating the right amounts for my needs, especially when it comes to eating enough to support my training volume and intensity. He’s been really helpful and always available throughout the whole process and takes a genuine interest in me, my goals, preferences and requests.”


“I didn’t have much energy due to a hectic work schedule and I struggled my diet. Since I started working with Johan, I sleep better, eat better, have more energy, perform better at the gym, and have better self-confidence. He is a super cool guy, and answers quickly whenever I have any questions.”


“Our collaboration made me look at nutrients in a whole new way. I gained tons of knowledge and really felt the improvements. Tweaking my pre- and post-workout meals gave me more energy while recovering better. I felt ready to give my everything. We also changed my diet to help me fight inflammation, which, for the last couple of weeks, has been non existent.”


I started working with Johan 1 year ago. At that point in time I had lost around 25 kilos, but had struggled for a year to continue towards my goals.

 I was focused on counting calories and exercising, without any planned breaks, so my metabolism was not in a great state. Through the coaching from Johan I learned about the different aspects of nutrition and weight loss, and that the best approach is not to be in a constant calorie deficit, but that you can achieve better results, and feel a lot better, if you work in phases.

Since working with Johan I have lost weight, gotten a lot stronger, and changed my body composition – without it feeling like I have been on a diet. I have more energy now than I ever had before, and my mindset has changed to focus more on how I feel and less on the number on the scale."​


“Johan helped me perform at levels I did not think were possible for me! No quick fixes! He helps you not only with what to eat, but with all aspects of a better lifestyle.”


“Great source of knowledge and motivation. He goes above and beyond the clauses and actually helps you with workouts, nutrition and overall well being. If you are serious about changing your habits and getting in good shape then don’t doubt it for a second.”


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“Initially, I was a bit hesitant to follow a “diet regime” as it’s easy to get lost trying to find the perfect one for you. There are lots of contradicting opinions and ways of going about achieving your goals. Johan however, makes sure he knows your personal preferences and delivers a non-overwhelming and relatively easy-to-follow diet. Custom tailored to your personal needs!”


“Johan is the man. To my pleasant surprise, I felt and saw a difference almost immediately after he created a new plan in depth adhering to my personal goals and situation. In a world of misinformation, I can confirm that he has the knowledge, takes a fantastic approach and is always there when you need him. Highly recommend.”


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"Johan helped me to get more routine back! I tend to eat not enough, when I am stressed.. doesn’t matter if its mental or physical stress, its just the way I react on stress, I get less hungry and nutrition and food becomes less important to me. I am happy if I just eat „little somethings“. Johan helped me to accept those days more and to not give up! We worked on looking always on the positive aspects, not just the negative. We worked on getting the calories and proteins in to have a good maintenance. Thank you for helping me to get back to my routines back 🙂 "


“Not only have I felt that Johan has provided me with the highest level of guidance and mentoring, I’ve also managed to learn quite a bit about nutrition from the experience as well. I highly recommend getting on board with Vester’s Nutrition if you’re serious about taking steps to better your health.”


“Contacting VN was the best thing I’ve done for my health. Thanks to Johan I have so much more confidence, and a whole new healthy mindset. He has a lot of knowledge, is very available and is genuinely interested in you throughout the whole process. Together you create success!”


“I was looking for a good way to lose some weight and create a good diet to provide my body with enough energy, fuel my training and recover between workouts. Together we worked on a plan that would work for me, we kept it clear and simple. He always looks out for me and helps me to point out what to work on, communication is perfect! It’s been a real, positive and personal experience. Communication is perfect, 100% would recommend!”


“I wanted to find someone who can help me with a healthy nutrition within my vegetarian lifestyle. After i just started working with Johan i already noticed some great improvements. My energy level and running performance went up and I’m eating so much healthier now. Johan helps me whenever I need advice not only with my nutrition but also with implementing changes that impact and influence a healthy lifestyle. Johan is my guide on my way to run my 48.6 miles challenge. This guy knows..”


"To really make a change, you need to invest in yourself. Johan will help you reach your goals like no other and he’s always there to guide, support and motivate you. I’m super happy with my decision of joining Vesters Nutrition, and I highly recommend you getting Johan as your coach!"


I tried a lot of different things in the past, but never had such amazing results as with Vesters Nutrition. Working with him has given me an in-depth understanding of diet and exercise. We used tools that are easy to implement, even in my hectic everyday life. Johan tailored a plan that suits me personally, has given me close follow-ups, and really looks at your health in a holistic way. I have achieved visible results (both physical and mental), better training performance (increased strength and better conditioning), increased knowledge about food, better sleep routines and less stress. I give Vesters Nutrition my strongest recommendations!”


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